Help Sponsor My Next Show!

In an effort to push out of my comfort zone, I have recently accepted a spot with RAW Artists Seattle, a super duper organization that provides independent artists with the resources and exposure needed to inspire and cultivate creativity.

On Thursday, June 23rd I will be showcasing and selling work at Studio 7 in Seattle WA, among a selection of incredible artists hand picked by RAW.

In order for me to do this, I need 20 people to purchase a ticket in my name, as a way of sponsoring my spot. However, I know many of you support my work and are unable to attend the event – which is why I have made this GoFundMe campaign.

It would mean so much if I could receive a little help with this (no matter how hard it is for me to do so), and it does not have to be very much at all! I absolutely appreciate everyone who continues to follow and support my work as an artist. This event, as someone who is still a little apprehensive about sharing my art, is a way of telling myself to keep going.

Thank you, and much love!



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