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I am a Paper Artist and Illustrator with a focus on repurposed books. Currently based in Seattle, Washington.

My name is Isobelle Ouzman and I am an Artist living in Seattle, Washington.

In 2012, I stumbled across a free box of damaged novels in the street and took them home. I became obsessed with trying to repair and reuse them, and over the course of a year discovered a way to carve them into 3-dimensional stories of their own. My focus since then has been to alter old books and journals.

A love for nature is the force behind my repurposing efforts. However, books have always held a special place in my heart, and the thought of sculpting a new life for these discarded novels has been incredibly inspiring as an Artist.

At the age of thirteen, I relocated to America from the United Kingdom with my family. As anyone can imagine, thirteen is a tough age to move to a new place, and the solitude of book reading became a necessary outlet for a child like myself, who was painfully shy and homesick. After two years of life in Massachusetts, my family and I relocated to the Pacific Northwest so that I could attend Tacoma School of the Arts. Here, I was able to practice life drawing, painting, graphic design and photography – subjects that all contributed to my drive to create. 

Now as an adult living in Seattle, I continue to pursue my passion for reading through Altered Books. I have had work shown in galleries such as Ghost Gallery and Urban Light Studios, as well as being featured in Hi-Fructose, Atlas Obscura and My Modern Met.

Although Altered Books are my focus, I am always open to commissions and collaborations for illustration work. If you wish to reach out, please contact me at or through one of my social media outlets.

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