Isobelle Ouzman

Altered Books & Illustrations


My name is Isobelle and I am a Paper Artist and Illustrator with a passion for books.

In 2012 I began to repair and reuse old hardback novels. Over the course of a year discovered I could carve them into 3-dimensional stories of my own, and they have been my focus ever since.

I relocated to the US from the UK with my family in 2004, a young teenager at the time. Reading was my main comfort during this transition and is the reason I appreciate books so much today. Now as an adult I continue to set up new roots elsewhere, still altering the pages of discarded novels.

I have had work shown in galleries such as Ghost Gallery and Urban Light Studios, as well as being featured in Hi-FructoseAtlas Obscura and My Modern Met. Although Altered Books are my go-to, I am always open to commissions and collaborations for illustration work. I am on the move and currently not based anywhere in particular. If you wish to reach out, please contact me at or message through one of my social media outlets.

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