Commission Process & Overview

Below is a quick overview of the process and what to expect in regards to a commissioned book.

All of the altered books are made using discarded hardback novels, which means scuffs and book title will visible on the outside. Most novels measure around 9 x 6″ when closed, and 12″ across when open. Depth depends on number of pages the book contains. A UV matte protectant is sprayed over the finished book to keep the ink and colours intact and they easily stand along a level surface for displaying, or can be closed and stored away like any other book.

The commissioning process begins with a discussion on ideas, wherein a rough sketch will be provided for approval before the contract is created and signed. Deposit is to be paid after signing your contract. Isobelle asks that you allow her a minimum of 12 weeks to complete the work and will provide photos of the finished piece before shipment. Shipment will take anywhere between 3-14 days depending on country of residence – you will receive tracking information upon confirmation. The majority of transactions for altered books are handled through PayPal or Etsy, though Venmo is also an option.

If you have any other questions, please contact Isobelle using the Contact page.