You can reach me using the contact form below or directly to isobelleouzman(at)

I no longer wish to take commissions, but I’m open to hearing your idea. If I feel it is something I would enjoy and can create within the time frame provided, I will get back to you with info. Personal altered books I complete will occasionally be up for sale on my Etsy (I have an email list for that if you would like to be added). Many thanks! ❤



2 Comments on “Contact

  1. Hey Isobelle,
    I am fifteen. I am an artist too (though not very accomplished). When I saw your work, I could only see something that resembles my ideas so much!
    Your work reflected an innocence I have craved so hard to express in mine. A meaning simple, but still so deep. Thanks for making me feel so good through your work.

    Love and thanks,
    J.Martin 🙂

    • Hello June! I really appreciate you taking the time to write that to me, it warms my heart! Maybe I will be seeing your art around here soon! 🙂

      Best wishes to you,

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