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October seems to have passed in the blink of an eye. Throughout this month, I have simultaneously been hard at work on this new book and preparing to leave my home of the last six years. Between selling all of my belongings and emptying my apartment in Seattle, this book has saved me on days when I needed a calming distraction. 

It feels good to finally be finished with this piece. I originally had a stag centered in the middle and struggled to make it look ‘right’ throughout the entire working process. Eventually, I just decided to cut it out and ended up adjusting my original color theme. Looking back now, I’m glad I did. 

There are many things I want to share here, both about the move and my plans for upcoming work, but I’m holding my breath until I am able to land on my feet.¬†For now, I have this short clip of the book as I was close to completing it (it’s admittedly not great and very short, but I’m going to get better at videos!). Keep your eyes on that YouTube channel, as one of my (many) intentions is to put together more videos of my altered book projects.

Thank you for believing in what I do.

Take care,


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